The Power of Words in Marketing

I came across this video a few days ago and although it didn’t work for the project I was researching for, I immediately knew I had to share it with you.

Whether we’re working on a printing project, designing a new website, or screen printing shirts for a charity or school our customers are trusting us with the task of making their brand stand out among the thousands of competing messages that are being thrown at consumers on a daily basis.

As a local Marketing company we realize that a business can’t afford to waste their print or web budget on unclear or unappealing graphic design and copywriting. Every printed piece, website or newspaper ad has to be intentional, to the point, and provide an easy way for the customer to respond.

So I suggest you choose you words (& marketing company) wisely.

How does your marketing make your audience feel, connect and respond?

Without a connection between your message or brand and your audience your marketing and advertising budget is going to waste.

Enjoy the video, and call PURE Design Studio to make sure your Marketing is communicating in its PUREst form.



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