Even the word print or web “Marketing” has a different meaning for business owners of small, medium, large, and corporate businesses. But we enjoy working with companies of every size and budget and we strive to educate, promote and serve our customers in a way that gets them results.
Marketing with Passion

We pride ourselves in creating vivid, customized graphic design, printing, web design and other effective marketing services with unique products that will get you noticed like pens, die-cut and spot uv business cards, screen printed shirts and more. There is so much out there and too many companies that just want to sell you products neglecting the big-picture of marketing.


Here are some questions that we hear fairly often that might help you better understand what we do and how we can help you market your business. Please call for additional questions or for a custom quote on printing, web design, apparel or signage.

Why do I need a website?

There are three mindsets that I come across fairly often in regards to this question:

1. “I have enough business right now, and don’t need anymore customers.” Every business owner loves when business is booming, however, until tomorrow’s customers are guaranteed you have to acknowledge that the internet plays a huge factor in reaching new customers, and it has been shown that 50% of customers go straight to the internet.

2. “I don’t want to go out of business, but I don’t know if my company is worth the additional investment.” This has to be the response I most dislike hearing. Our passion is to see local businesses grow and benefit as a result of our services, but we can’t help if a business owner doesn’t even see the value of their business.

3. “I can just have my buddy do my website for free, so why would I pay for it?” My suggestion to these individuals is to do their research on Search Engine Algorithms, CS3, XHTML & HTML5 standards, Cross-Browser Compliance, etc. There is no substitute for the products and services we offer, and no comparison for the results that our work gets. As our Web Design Services page states, to paraphrase, “We offer the entire package; Beautiful Design, SEO, Outstanding Customer Service, CMS, Hosting, etc.” You get what you pay for, and in our case you get more than what you pay for.

Why don't you offer templates?

Easy. We’re a Web Design & Print Studio specializing in CUSTOMIZED branding and marketing. Sure, we could create, or you could go buy, templates aimed at a car dealership, for example, but it will still be generic in regards to effective and stretegic branding.

Every chance you get you should reinforce your company’s branding, and only the personalized service and custom printing and web design we offer will utilize every element possible to maximize effectiveness. To save a few bucks on a generic template will not be worth it for your company or your customers in the long run. Not to mention, we don’t get to show off our awesome Customer Service skills.

How much does a website cost?

We actually do get asked this most often. For one, because it’s a reasonable question, as most every one of our customers have been on a set budget. And, secondly, most likely because these generic template companies do a great job of advertising something along the lines of, “Get a 4 page website in __ days for $___.” But if these websites were as great as promised, and as effective as desired they would put everyone else out of business.

Proudly, we do not have set prices, and we do need to actually speak with our customers to determine the need and features they want included in their Website. Since when is Good ol’fashion Customer Service a negative? A few minutes is all that we need to blow your socks off. Call us today!

Do you offer rush production and shipping on your Screen Printing & Promotional Products?

Yes, we offer RUSH on almost everything we print without sacrificing the quality and service PURE Design Studio is known for. In addition, we have many other shipping and service options available to best fit your company’s budget and project timeline, ensuring the best possible experience when you use us.

Is Custom Web Design really worth the time and cost?

Imagine for a moment, that you could hire an employee that you would pay one time up-front, that would assist your sales team with each and every potential customer in their presentation, would always have your company’s profile, previous work, customer testimonies, location and contact information ready whenever a customer needed it, and would be there ready and waiting when an interested person was looking for a company within your industry to fill a need they had?

Would you hire that person?

The answer is almost undeniably, yes. And an effective website, direct mail, or printed Ad campaign can do all of that and more. That’s the exact reason why static websites and generic print templates are literally like throwing your money in the garbage. Start tracking and seeing the results when you call us, the professionals.