Newsletters, More Newsletters and News

Every month we have a set date range where we work on a specific newsletter project. This month however the moons have aligned and we have 2 large newsletters due this week! Ahhhhhhh! Time to put my head down and get to work… and yet, here I am blogging. 🙂

Through discipline comes freedom.

~ Aristotle

The more and more we take on, the farther it stretches us, and the more we grow. So discipline ourselves we do with freedom as our reward. Freedom to continue to do what we love here at PURE Design Studio. To (web-and-graphic) design our hearts out, lol. To help you with your marketing and print needs so you are more successful. We’ll keep this going as long as Brandon Businesses need printing, websites and marketing direction. It’s what we’re here for.

So Let’s go!

Oh yeah…. and for the news portion, we’re semi-officially on the look out for a new office space. Know of one? 🙂

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