How’s your Visual Branding?

“Branding works best if the way you feel about a company relates to the way they feel about themselves. For example, there seems to be a split on the way people feel about Google; some feel they are extremely innovative, some feel like they just purchase the next hot idea and call it theirs. Your thoughts on the Google brand change, depending on the side of the argument you’re on. This idea of a company reminding you of something is often referred to as ‘positioning’ which has a great deal to do with a brand and its (perceived) personality. Without all of this, branding would not exist.

Designers deal mostly with a process coined visual branding. Now, for most, we immediately think ‘logo’ but it’s much more than that. Visual branding is the logo, the colors, the look of the product, and pretty much anything that you have that requires you to look at it. Designers have this hard task of trying to capture a company’s brand or personality and stuffing it into a business card or letterhead (or anything visual, for that matter). Trying to create a visual that represents the right thing about a brand can be a task. Think of yourself as a brand; what colors would you use? What symbols and typefaces would you use? How would you create it so that it’s unique? How would you capture your essence?”

This is not just a passing fad but an everyday practice if you want to create Marketing that will connect with your customers and accurately convey who you are. This is what we do everyday for our Sun City Center, Brandon, and Tampa customers in addition to our printing, apparel and promotional products.

Although it is always a great idea to have multiple strategies and advertisements, the basic information that you share with your Marketing must be consistent.

Is your material APPEALING?

Does it effectively state: What you do? Where do you do it?

BRAND! BRAND! BRAND! It’s another way you stand out from your competition, and without a doubt you are being judged by it!

You need an emotional connection. Share why you do what you do and why customer’s need or keep choosing you over the next guy.

Where PURE Design Studio comes in is we can 100% handle this aspect of your business along with the actual printing and implementing, or we can bring beauty, appeal, and consistency to what you are doing right now. Stop just “hoping” that people are responding to your brochures, website, or print ads. The proof is in the pudding.

Start seeing the PURE difference today. Call us today for a FREE Consultation to get on your way to PURE Marketing.

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