Are Facebook Ads An Untapped Goldmine??

Shoot, did my picture give away the answer? Well, read on anyways…

I’ll save all of the technical details on how to ensure your AdWords and Facebook ads are profitable for another time because the point of this post is to simply save you the time, money and frustration of a wasted P-P-C (Pay Per Click) Ad Campaign. Also, please forgive the blurry picture, I thought the comedic value was much greater than other sharp¬†alternatives¬†ūüôā

To get to the point, while claiming easy, and even automated, success, Google and Facebook can quickly dissolve your marketing budget and leave you clueless as to where it went, so, PURE RULE #1 on pay-per-click campaigns:

Don’t EVER trust Google or Facebook to create an “Express” or automated campaign for you.

While there are always exceptions to the rule and a few industries who can benefit from automated ads, a large majority of businesses and organizations end up with campaigns that cost a lot per click and are way too broad to reach their desired audience or goal.¬†I’ll give you a quick example.

I am currently managing some Ads for a vacation rental agency. Out of curiosity, I let Google create an “AdWords Express” campaign (this is what Google recommends and will usually force you to do) to see what the Google “geniuses” have created to make us all¬†magically rich, while they, of course, get¬†their “modest” cut.

After going through¬†the few screens it takes to populate the ad campaign settings, like audience, topic, demographics – they get the campaign setup so you just have to input your credit card and hit “GO”. Well, what they came up with after I did all of that… I’ll just say my 8-year-old could have come up with better, more-targeted keywords.

All in all, they set me up with 117 generic search terms¬†(the keywords drive the ads), all of which would have certainly earned¬†clicks (cha-ching $$$ for Google) but in-the-end, only 8, that’s right, 8 of them were actually useful! Even more, I went ahead and ran the ads with all 117 search terms¬†for 2 days to continue testing and sure enough, roughly¬†95% of the ads searchers clicked on were using the totally useless keywords.¬†I would¬†have never attracted¬†new renters¬†for my client with what Google¬†recommended as they were not looking for cabin rentals! (FYI, none of this experiment¬†came out of the client’s budget).

My 2¬†favorite search terms that Google recommended were “Find Forest Cabin”, (what about renters looking for a rustic cabin in downtown Tampa?!! I’m kidding…) And no joke, multiple variations of the single word… “cabin”. Needless to say, that would have yielded about a million, very-costly and pointless clicks if, like most businesses, I did not know to double check all of the settings.

That’s just one quick example and while there’s plenty other reasons not to blindly trust their Ad system, I hope I’ve already made my point on how they are certainly not turn-key. Well, I have to get back to work and likely you do as well so I’ll wrap this post up…

While certainly hiring a marketing agency like us can add¬†a percentage of¬†cost¬†to marketing campaigns like this, ultimately the whole point is that we pay for our¬†costs¬†and much more by saving you from wasting money on inefficient marketing and getting you new customers you¬†can’t¬†reach on your own.

I hope you’ll think twice before handing the reigns over to Facebook and Google¬†and call us today for a FREE Consultation and review of your website or marketing practices. Have a great one, and remember to THINK PURE when trying to grow your business!

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